How to test reliability using spss software

How to test reliability using spss softwareThis article on how to test this reliability is a continuation of the previous article on how to test the validity of using spss. Validity and reliability test spss are two test for inquiry research in the form of interrelated questionnaire. Used to see the accuracy and extent to which the questionnaire was feasible and reliable in a study. A good questionnaire is a valid and reliable questionnaire. For that, a researcher should be able to develop the research instrument carefully and as well as possible.

Some things to note before we do the analysis for this reliability test:

1 The data to be used is the same as the validity test data (Question # 7 was removed because it is invalid)

2. Test criteria:

Reliable if Cronbach Alpha> 0.6

Not reliable if Cronbach Alpha <0.6

3 Let’s practice

Please open the data as shown below:

 Data for test reliability using spss software

reliability using spss

Click menu analyze => Scale => Reliability analysis

menu analyze Reliability analysis

So it will appear on the screen as follows:

test Reliability analysis

Move (q1, q2, q3, q4, q5, and q6) into city “items” and use model “alpha” then click OK. See picture below

 move the data on test Reliability analysis

Next will look spss output like picture below

output of reliability test using spss


Based on the results of the above test, it is known value of Cronbach Alpha of 0.647. The results show that Cronbach Alpha> 0.6, it can be concluded the data is reliable.

That’s an article tutorial about how to test reliability by using spss that we can share to you. We hope this article useful to you.

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