Let’s Learn SPSS Together

Let's Learn SPSS TogetherWho wants to learn spss with us? If you are the one who wants to learn, then you are coming to the right place. We present through this website to invite you to learn┬átogether. Okay guys..first, Do you know spss?? If you do not know yet, then we will explain a little about spss. Spss is one of the computer programs that can be used for statistical analysis. So that’s it.

Spss widely used by students for the purposes of his studies (spss for students). But common people can also use it. That is, spss programs can be used by anyone who wants to learn or for business purposes. On this occasion we invite you to learn spss together for study purposes.

This spss website is still newly built, so .. lesson material in it is still little. Over time, this website will be updated continuously. What will we learn here? Let’s take a look at the following reviews:

1. introduction to spss

a. Statistical definition

b. Statistical elements

c. Type of statistical data

d. Statistical data processing

2. an introduction to SPSS

a. Learn how to input data from questionnaire into spss (variable quantitative and qualitative)

b. Briefly recognize the menus in spss

3. study descriptive statistics

a. frequency

b. descriptive

c. Explore

d. Crosstab

4. analysis of validity and reliability

5. normality test

6. homogeneity test

7. classical assumption test

a. Multicolinearity

b. Heteroscedasticity

c. Autocorrelation

d. Linearity

8. test runs

9. binomial test

10. sign test

11. wilcoxon test

12. Mann Whitney test

13. Friedman test

14. Kruskal Wallis test

15. Discriminant analysis

16. factor analysis

17. Binary regression

18. dummy regression

19. polynomial regression

20. independent sample t-test

21. paired sample t-test

22. one sample t-test

23. cut point

24. anova test

25. Simple linear regression

26. multiple linear regression

27. Pearson correlation

28. kendall correlation

29. cramer correlation

30. create a statistics table

a. Create table t

b. Create table f

c. Create a chi-square table

d. Create table r (product moment pearson)

31. read the distribution table (t, f, chi-square, and table r)

32 path analysis

a. Intervening variable

b. Model of one-way equations

c. Two-lane equation model

Okay guys ,, we think that lesson is enough. Then do not forget to visit this website. We will update the material about learning spss.

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