One way anova

Let’s find know about one way anova! When you are doing research and need this information, then we think you have come to the right place. in this article, we will discuss about what and how one way anova it. Let’s take a look!

what is anova test? Anova is a statistical test that can be used to analyze the means difference between the groups. The group could mean the groups or types of treatment. According to Bolton & Bon 2010, anova is a method that can be used to analyze the experimental design data by way of comparing the means two or more groups. Then, how about the one way anova?

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One way anova is a method or technique of parametric statistical tests that can be used to find out if there is a difference on average more than two groups of samples. One direction means analysis done between treatment (between group). Then, if there is one way anova, then there is also a two way anova? The answer,,,, Yes! The difference between a one-way anova with two-way anova will be discussed in the next article, for now let’s focus on a one-way anova.

After we discuss the definition above, surely we need to know when to use one way anova. Therefore, let’s see an example of one way anova. look This example anova! a company wants to know the difference in the results of the production plant of coffee at 5 different varieties through 3 times the treatment (see the data in the table).

One way anova

anova example above can be formulated in a hypothesis: there is a difference in the means of production between coffee varieties are A, B, C, D, and E

the second example, a researcher wants to know the durability of the lamp based on brand A, Brand B, Brand C, and Brand D.

anova example

Some examples of the above studies can be completed with the analysis of one-way anova. Once we know what and how the anova, the next step we can do an analysis of the data by using the help of a computer program called SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences). how, Let’s refer to the one way anova spss video here:

How? is it clear? We hope the article about the one way anova is beneficial to us all. to better understand, please directly practice working on spss anova.


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