Test the validity of pearson correlation using spss

“How to test the validity of pearson correlation” This is our first article that discusses spss tutorial. Actually validity test can be process in several ways, such as corrected total item correlation, factor analysis, but on this occasion we will share how to test a research questionnaire with pearson correlation spss (test of validity). First you should already have spss software installed on your laptop or computer. If you do not have, then the spss software can be downloaded on the official website of IBM. in this practice, We use spss version 22 to perform this validity analysis. Okay guys ,, follow these steps:

First, the variables to be tested

Variables that will be in the analysis of the validity is customer satisfaction

Second, the number of questions

Questionnaires for customer satisfaction variables consist of 7 questions

Third, the number of respondents

The respondents of this study were 20

Fourth, the level is significant

Significance of research by 5% (0.05)

Fifth, Testing Criteria

Valid if the correlation value (pearson correlation > r table)

Invalid if correlation value (pearson correlation < r table)

Sixth, define r table

The value of r table is determined by using the formula DF = n – 2,  20-2=18 (N is the number of observations/respondents)

seventh, let’s see the data

Test the validity of pearson correlation using spss software

pearson correlation

eighth, let’s practice

1 Open the data

2. Click analyze menu => Correlate => Bivariate

So a new window appears

new window pearson correlation

3  Move (q1, q2, q3, q4, q5, q6, q7, and customer satisfaction) to the right box by using the available button. Then click OK

customer satisfaction

4 output SPSS

output Test the validity of pearson correlation

 Ninth, conclusion

The conclusions will be adjusted to the test criteria

Question 1 = 0,526 > 0,444 => Valid

Question 2 = 0,667 > 0,444 => Valid

Question 3 = 0,501 > 0,444 => Valid

Question 4 = 0,569 > 0,444 => Valid

Question 5 = 0,634 > 0,444 => Valid

Question 6 = 0,675 > 0,444 => Valid

Question 7= 0,271 < 0,444 => Invalid

Okay guys, That’s all we can say about how to test validity with pearson correlation using spss. Thanks for visiting.

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