when to use chi square test

When to use chi square testwhen to use chi square test? The question will be answered by this paper. Before answering, we will explain in advance what is meant by chi square test. Chi square test is one type of comparison test (non parametric), the variable used 2 by using the data of nominal scale (category).

Based on the above explanation, then at a glance can be drawn conclusions about the question when using chi square test. But in this paper we will explain again based on the following points:

You can use chi square test if:

1 research objective is to know the comparison between variables

2 data variables is nominal data or category data

3 test included into non parametric

4 a cross-sectional study

some of the above reasons can be used as a reference when trying to use chi square test. However, there are also conditions that must be met when trying to use the test. The terms are as follows:

1 No cell has a reality frequency value or is called Actual Count (F0) of 0 (Zero).

2 If the contingency table table is 2 X 2, then there should be no 1 cell that has an expected count (“Fh”) of less than 5.

3 If the table form is used more than 2 x 2, eg 2 x 3, then the number of cells with expected frequency less than 5 can not be more than 20%.

The above conditions must be met before using the chi square test. If any of the conditions are not met, then can be used alternative tests such as Fisher Exact Test, and others. The chi square test has the following formula:

chi square test formula

We hope the above explanation represents the question of the right time to use the chi square test. On another occasion, we will describe the example of a task or a case example of a chi square test with SPSS

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